Considering a kitchen renovation?

The top 3 reasons to renovate your home or condo kitchen

A kitchen renovation is a great way to improve the livability of your space and customize it to fit your specific needs.  They’re the most common type of renovation because it is the most used room in the house.  It’s where we store our food, prepare it, enjoy and share it, and more often that not, it’s the gathering point and social hub of the home.  In the typical Toronto condo, where space is a premium and open concept lay outs are common, the kitchen is the centrepiece of the unit.

needs kitchen renovation

1. Your kitchen is dated

The cabinet finishes and counter top may have been stylish when it was built, but currently lack the pizzaz of new technology, materials and aesthetic that are common today.  There are many great new products on the market ranging from engineered stone that is less susceptible to stain, to stainless surfaces, to cabinet finishes that can be customized to any colour, allowing you to customize your kitchen renovation to reflect your style.

Dated cabinets, lighting, and countertop. The granite countertop is made up of several different pieces, showing seams where the pieces are connected. The face of the drawers do not match the style of the cabinet doors.

2.  The appliances in your kitchen don’t meet your needs

Appliances are the tools we use to care and prepare our food, and are often the trigger for a renovation.  Their size and features are important considerations in any kitchen. For instance,  the fridge may be too big or too small for the space or it doesn’t have the ice-making feature you really want.  Perhaps you prefer cooking on a gas stove instead of electric (or vice versa). Or, you never use the microwave and it is taking up prime real estate that you could use for something else.  Whatever the reason or preference, appliances are often the catalyst for a renovation.

The fridge is deeper than the countertop, breaking the linear profile and exposing the non-stainless finish on the side of the fridge.

condo needs kitchen renovation
needs a kitchen renovation

3.  You’d like better use of space

A change in the layout and placement of the elements in your kitchen can have a dramatic effect on your kitchen’s usability and storage capacity.  For instance, drawers are increasingly popular in kitchens because of their accessibility.  Increasingly, kitchens with open shelving are converted to cabinets to increase storage capacity when not everything you need to store is a display piece.

Poor use of space robs this kitchen of functional storage.  The fridge is disproportionately large for the space and the location of the sink affects the placement of  the upper cabinets.