4 Tips For Finding and Selecting a Renovator

Finding a reputable renovator to complete your kitchen renovation – or any home renovation – is critical to the successful outcome of your renovation. Finding the right renovator doesn’t have to be difficult.  Here are 4 tips to keep in mind when selecting a renovator.

1. Tap into your network and look for website and social media

Talk to friends and neighbours or visit a site like HomeStars or popular directory sites for companies with reviews.  Taking this approach means you’ll be getting referrals from trusted sources or unbiased reviews. A renovator’s website and social presence are also great places to see examples of their work. It is also reasonable to ask for references and talk to other homeowners that have worked with the renovator you’re considering.

2.  Ask for detailed estimates

Once you’re shortlisted your potential renovators, request a detailed estimate. This enables you to compare the estimates and is the basis to gain a good understanding of what you are getting. If prices vary, this is the time to find out what differentiates the estimates. Do they both include all costs up front? One may include all costs, while another may not include extras that have the potential to add up and exceed the original estimate.

3.  Evaluate their experience

Experience is an important factor when selecting a contractor or renovator. The number of years a renovator or contractor has been working will have an impact on your renovation. With experience comes knowledge and the skills to successfully complete your renovation. Inexperienced renovators may offer attractive prices, however, they may be challenged to deliver on time and on budget.

4.  Judge your fit

It’s important to hire someone that you feel comfortable with and will have open communication with. If the renovator you’re evaluating listens to you, understands your needs, and satisfies you with their answers to your questions, you’ve likely found a good fit. That level of communication will go a long way to ensuring your project is successful and road bumps – and there will be road bumps – are maneuvered to minimize stress, delays or budget over runs. The rapport between you and your renovator is a key element to a successful renovation.

Choosing a renovator can feel like a daunting task. But, by keeping these 4 simple tips in mind, you will successfully find the right one for you!